Lack of Content Resources? Use a Guest Blogger!

Use a Guest Blogger to Create ContentIf “content is king” in the realm of SEO, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) should be dedicating the appropriate resources to create valuable content for their target audience. Though, often is the case, they may not have the time, money, talent or staff to effectively trickle out content on a regular basis to nurture relationships within their community. As a CMO, what are they to do when they find themselves in that situation? The short answer is to leverage guest bloggers.

Link Shorteners Are Your Best Friend on Social Media

LinksLink shorteners are nothing new. Nowadays, even non-marketers who are social-savvy are picking up on how to use the tool. So what is it and how can it help you market on the web?

Link shortening tools — such as,, and – are websites that allow you to cut and paste a distgusting looking url such as this: into a short and pretty looking url like this:

There’s a few reasons why a person would want to do this:

  1. Long urls can be an eye-sore, so having the ability to shorten it into a good-looking link might draw some clicks.

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email marketing might be deadI don’t know about you but my email inbox is flooded with emails each morning; and it seems there is a constant stream of incoming messages to read or delete throughout the day. Close to 85% of these emails are from companies and brands I subscribed to and from someone I have never heard of before. Bottom line is that these businesses are fighting for my attention and probably aren’t getting it.

Email Subject Lines: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For all you email marketers out there, there is a right way and a wrong way to capture your audience in email marketing. Let’s face it, with all of the email that hits every single person’s inbox, each of you are in competition to be opened and read. Your subject line can make all the difference in the world as to whether you are opened or deleted from the inbox.

I recently ran across an interesting infographic in Businessweek that shows just how different email subject lines can be. You might be able to learn a few things from this:

The Art of the Email Subject Line

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How to Write the Perfect Title Tag [Video]

I ran across this video created by Health Lloyd-Martin of SuccessWorks on “How to Create a Clickable Title. Of course, by “Title” she means the title tag, which makes up the clickable link in the search engine listings.

Heather talks about how to write a title that someone is likely to click on. The video is about 6 minutes. Enjoy!

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Frustrations with ‘Search, Plus Your World’

When Google launched “Search, Plus Your World,” I saw the flaws in it immediately. Turns out that a lot of people felt the same way as I did when I first heard the news. Simply put, Google is stating that their social media content is more relevant than the content of the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

In an article on the WSJ, Shayndi Raice had this to say about the new changes:

Google Goes Social with ‘Search, Plus Your World’

Last week, Google announced that it would begin rolling out “Search, Plus Your World,” which is an integration of regular organic listings, PPC and social updates via Google Plus from your inner circles. For those people who thought social networking was going away any time soon, think again. This update is a bold statement by Google to say that social is here to stay; maybe more-so than ever.

The Greatest SEO Strategy

Anchor text and back-linking can be a great SEO strategyThose who are unfamiliar with SEO practices should know one thing: It’s all about keywords.

While SEO is complicated from start to finish, most marketing professionals understand that linking strategies, both inbound and outbound, are one of the most significant factors in search engine optimization.

Linking a website to another is not as simple as it may seem. Getting links is one thing, but using it as a keyword strategy is a skill in and of itself.

SEOs use anchor text to link a website to another. When you create a hyperlink out of a word or a string of words, that’s called anchor text, and search engines, such as Google, factor that into their search algorithm.