Lack of Content Resources? Use a Guest Blogger!

Use a Guest Blogger to Create ContentIf “content is king” in the realm of SEO, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) should be dedicating the appropriate resources to create valuable content for their target audience. Though, often is the case, they may not have the time, money, talent or staff to effectively trickle out content on a regular basis to nurture relationships within their community. As a CMO, what are they to do when they find themselves in that situation? The short answer is to leverage guest bloggers.

With an inability to develop regular content, a CMO might consider leveraging current partners, vendors, suppliers or new acquaintances, as it is a great way to crowd-source content creation. Instead of solely relying on an internal team to create, edit and publish content, CMOs can flip that concept on its backside and ask external partners contribute. What’s in it for them is the access to a new network and a back-link to their site.

The glue that holds this entire concept together is developing ongoing, reliable relationships, that are win/win for both parties—one side gets to use original content for free and the other gets added exposure.

Image courtesy of Flickr / laurentreece

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